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Biodegradable waste should also be broken down in a controlled environment before it is released into the environment. De-forestation or the cutting down of trees … Here are 10 magnificent ways for prevention and control of soil pollution. Before disposing the industrial wastes in the soil, the toxicity of it must be reduced. Other common methods of preventing soil pollution include reforestation and recycling of waste materials. © 2019 To ensure sustainability in the prevention and control of soil pollution, research on soil pollution prevention and control should be advanced by strengthening technological research. The effort should also include promoting research on common technologies that relate to soil pollution diagnosis, research, and development of advanced data collection and mapping equipment, and soils contamination risk management and control. The following measures may be suggested to control soil pollution: 1. Soil pollution is a big problem, but steps are being taken to control it. Soil contamination or soil pollution as part of land degradation is caused by the presence of xenobiotics (human-made) chemicals or other alteration in the natural soil environment. Control for solid waste disposal. Indiscriminate use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides results in acidification of soil. However, to ensure consistent results, the technical requirements for the survey should be formulated including the frequency of when the survey should be conducted. Develop necessary legislation on soil pollution control, Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Gas Energy, 3. 31 of the State Council) Soil is material basis of economic and social sustainable development, concerning both human health and the process of building of a beautiful China. The best way to control soil pollution is to strictly control the mining and industrial pollutants. Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Soil Pollution (No. Soil pollution control 103 98. The mechanical method of soil pollution control includes the use of contour holding system, gully control, and making bunds. The consumerist in us must reduce and the conservationist must increase. Unless you strongly believe in Elon Musk‘s idea of making Mars as another habitable planet, do remember that there really is no 'Planet B' in this whole universe. 2. This should be implemented by making a layout plan that should include close supervision on the soil environment including regular information updates. The following measures should be taken to prevent soil pollution: Arrangements for collection, and disposal of garbage should be tightened. Recycling and Reuse of wastes: To minimize soil pollution, the wastes such as paper, plastics, metals, glasses, organics, petroleum products and industrial effluents etc should be recycled and reused. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more, see our about us page: link below. This prevents light from reaching the weeds, which kills them. Prevention and control measures of soil pollution - definition The following measures should be taken to prevention of soil pollution- 1. Proper management of agricultural land and the practice of organic farming, 5. Soil pollutants reduce nutrients values in the soil. Pesticides application on crops directly affects non-target organisms, soil health and also reaches to water bodies by leaching from the soil. Considering the soil pollution effects, it has become very necessary to prevent it. Environmental pollution comes in various forms, such as: air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, etc. Bioremediation or phytoremediation involves the use of microorganisms and plants for the decontamination of soil. Although efforts are being put in place to ensure soil pollution control, the process ought to be accelerated by drafting the necessary legislation. 1. To ensure long term success in the prevention and control of soil pollution, all stakeholders’ role in the implementation of the soil pollution control should be clear. Agricultural land pollution usually causes the loss of soil fertility as it involves the loss of organic matter, topsoil and nutrients, and the soil’s ability to retain water. Materials that are mildly or moderately contaminated should be treated in controlled environments before release into the natural environments while those that are heavily contaminated should be put under strict management, treatment, and control. […] Transfer treatment and remediation costs to polluting companies, 9. Privacy Notice/Your California Privacy Rights. Or the plastic waste generated daily by the high consumption of junk food and other inorganic products. Much research and technological advances are helping to control soil pollution. Subject:Environmental Sciences Paper: Environmental pollution - water & soil. Instead, the state should encourage enterprises to adopt better methods of production, organic farming, and new technology as it would be helpful in ensuring proper treatment of wastes and the reduction in harmful chemical products. At the same time, the government should take stronger measures against people, businesses, and companies that breach the policies. Strictly control the pollution of new soil, 7. Here are 15 ways to prevent and control land pollution. To ensure accountability, the companies in the specified area should conduct soil research at least once annually and release the information to the public. (And Ways To Protect Peonies), Do Deer Eat Roses? In excessive sloping areas, making bunds across the slope helps to prevent erosion. 2. Founded Conserve Energy Future with the sole motto of providing helpful information related to our rapidly depleting environment. As awareness of ones environment grows everyone must pitch in by following the motto of recycle, reduce and reuse. Ensure proper investigation of reclaimed land, 71+ Shocking Facts About Pollution That are Seriously Eye-opening, 6. The mandate of testing the contamination levels of such lands should be given to the city or government unit in charge. Open dumping is the most often practiced. Forests also play an important role in preventing soil erosion. Recycling is another way to reduce and control soil pollution. Pesticides and fungicides are essential for plant growth but their overuse has led to soil pollution. A soil is polluted when it contains an abnormal concentration of chemical compounds potentially dangerous to human health, plants or animals. Recycling paper, plastics and other materials reduces the volume of refuse in landfills, another common cause of soil pollution. Improper disposal of industrial waste, drainage from homes and improper disposal of trash further contaminate the soil. (And Ways to Dispose of), Are Keys Recyclable? The deposition of wastes should be done in a proper manner and the sewage sludge from the factories should be treated before reaching the ground. To ensure consistency, the government should formulate treatment and remediation plans as well as identify responsible entities, identify key tasks, and develop projects database for easy management. (iii) The principles of three Rs, namely, Recycle, Reuse and Reduce help in minimizing generation of solid waste. Farmers must ensure that they use bio-fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers. Pollution of soil is having a devastating effect on the agriculture land as well as people consuming products grown in such land. The following steps have been suggested to control soil pollution. iii. These wastes should be treated chemically and biologically to make them less toxic and hazardous. Health hazard disposal of urban and industrial wastes. Learn more about its causes, effects and solutions. Promote objective assessment and accountability among all stakeholders, After the Arctic, Thawing of Antarctica Glaciers Could Also Be Irreversible, The UK’s Problem With Recycling and How it is Being Addressed, environmental capacity and ecological effects, Can You Recycle Frying Pans? De-forestation, the cutting down of trees, causes erosion, pollution and the loss of fertility in the topsoil. (And Ways to Reuse Old Lighters), Various Causes and Effects of Soil Contamination, Negative Effects and Simple Solutions To Avoid Palm Oil, Environmental and Health Effects of Fracking, What is Organic Food and 15 Health Benefits of Eating Organic Food, Can You Recycle a Mattress? The waste materials should also be categorized based on the degree of contamination. The mechanical procedures to control soil pollution involve the implementation of contour holding methods, bunds, and gully control. Below are five ways to control land pollution:-* Better agriculture practices. The FAO also affirms that both intense and even moderate degradation is already affecting one third of the world's soil. 1. Supervision of unutilized land is also key. Extraction of pollutants via thermal remediation – the temperature is raised in order to force the contaminants into the vapour phase, after which they can be collected through vapour extraction. What Are Some Practical Applications of Using UV Light to Control Microbial Growth? The biological method refers to forestry and crop-related soil management. ii. Planting trees--or re-forestation--helps prevent soil erosion and pollution. There should also be put in place stringent measures against those who dump harmful or poisonous substances to the mudflat, sand, swampland, and salt marshes as well as those who discharge pollutants illegally. The best way to control soil pollution is to strictly control the mining and industrial pollutants. Poor utilization of land is a major concern in the prevention and control of soil pollution. Subject:Environmental Sciences Paper:Environmental pollution - water & soil. Soil Pollution Control • When pollutants or chemical wastes are released on soil surface, they will be absorbed onto the organic mineral matter of the soil. Use of pesticides should be minimized. There are different measures for the prevention and control of soil pollution, some of which are listed below: 1. Manure, meanwhile, is always considered preferable to pesticides. (And How to Keep Them Away), Do Deer Eat Peonies? This should be implemented by making a layout plan that should include close supervision on the soil environment including regular information updates. Another way is through the establishment of soil environmental quality monitoring networks to ensure improved monitoring frequency. The organic waste from houses and hospitality industry can be used to prepare humus. • Pollutants in the subsurface may be: Dissolved in GW in the saturated zone. This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. Soil Pollution Control Technique Caused by Lea d Existing in It . Production of natural fertilizers: Bio-pesticides should be used in place of dangerous chemical pesticides. Soil pollution is a global threat that is particularly serious in regions like Europe, Eurasia, Asia and North Africa, as indicated by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Surrounding soil should also be monitored on a regular basis to ensure the soil is not contaminated. Recycling is another way to reduce and control soil pollution. Farmers should use organic fertilizers such as manure and adopt the integrated pest management strategy to ensure soil’s health. Measures To Control or Reduce Soil Pollution at Glance. Presently, the most commonly practised technique is open dumping and this causes soil pollution. NPCSC Adopts E-Commerce Law, Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Law & Amends Individual Income Tax Law (Sept. 3, 2018) NPCSC Session Watch: Separate Parts of Civil Code, Tax Bills, Criminal Procedure, and More (Aug. 17, 2018) NPC Standing Committee … Bio-fertilization and manures should be used instead of their chemical alternatives. A great example is the proper treatment of sewage sludge. Combatting soil pollution requires a sustained effort to prevent further issues and to mitigate existing pollution. Before any new land is used, thorough research should be conducted to ensure whether the land is suitable for the intended use. (And 5 Ways to Dispose of), Is Junk Mail Recyclable? When the soil is contaminated, it negatively affects the ecological system as plants and microorganisms may struggle to adapt to the change in the chemical composition of the soil. The development of cooking industries and non-ferrous metal metallurgy industries in close proximity residential areas and virgin soils should be prohibited. In addition to agricultural pollution, industrial waste and urban activities also cause soil pollution. Hardier indigenous plants are now being grown again in the place of the hybrid ones. The land pollution can be controlled by following methods: (i) Planned afforestation helps in preventing soil erosion. Mentioned below are some measures we can take to control soil pollution. The soil is an integral part of the natural environment. Land pollution refers to all forms of pollution affecting any type of soil: agricultural, forestry, urban, etc. Soil pollution is the addition of toxic and harmful chemicals, salts, microorganisms and radioactive elements to the soil layer. (And Ways to Reuse Old Bottles), 13 Amazing Plants That Do Not Need Drainage Holes, Do Deer Eat Petunias? The government should also put in place measures to ensure electronic wastes and heavy metals do not contaminate the soil. Although much concern over the years has been on air and water pollution, prevention and control of soil pollution are as important as air and water pollution control. When dealing with land that is expected to be reclaimed and used for other purposes such as the construction of residential homes or social amenities like schools as it is in the case of mining, there is need to conduct soil investigation and evaluation.

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